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ferren_academy's Journal

Ferren Academy
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Welcome to Ferren_Academy! We're a different kind of RP, where there are no ridiculous rules to abide by, and where no one cares if you just started to RP or not. Here, roleplay isn't a chore - it's fun! We accept any character between the ages of 14 to 19. The community is slash-based, but females and straight males are welcome too! Please take a look around... we hope you'll join us.

The Dominick R. Ferren Academy is a boarding school in Maine for teens. It is located in quiet seclusion, just outside of a small town which students may walk to. The campus is lush and green, with 2 dorm buildings and one school house. There are two students per each dorm room, and students are allowed to keep small pets. Ferren Academy offers extensive art & music programs and welcomes students of almost any academic level, as long as they can pay.
NOTE: It's summer vacation, but for the sake of simplicity, students will live in their dorm rooms anyway.

+ No preg or mpreg, or children of any kind.
+ No marriages - there may be engagements, with permission.
+ Suicide is strongly discouraged. Again, a mod must approve.
+ Out-of-Character and In-Character are seperate! If someone tells you about their storyline OOC, that does not mean your character knows about it. Also, don't argue with anyone - especially not the mod.
+ Be active! Don't be afraid to talk to other members.
+ You are always welcome to re-apply if you left or went inactive. Otherwise, do not join as more than 2 characters.
+ Once you are accepted, remember to add everyone - including the community itself.

+ If you have any questions, whether you're a member or not, you can ask the mod.
Post your question here or IM me at spiritual gig.

+ Your character needs a Journal where they will talk about their life. The username should be something your character would choose for themself.
+ That applies to AIM names too (where you will actually roleplay.)
+ When you join, you have 1 week to update to prove you are active. After that, journals should be updated at least once every month. Otherwise, you are inactive and your character is up for grabs.
+ Make the title of your application say 'funkytown,' so I know you've read this.
+ Characters start out IMing eachother on AIM, then transition into RolePlay later in the conversation (with the exception of room mates.) There are several ways to RP:
  ex. Val danced around the tree for many hours, ignoring the neighbor's comments.
  ex. *Dances around the tree for many hours.*

Basically? It's a regular high school roleplay, but the kids are in close quarters.

Got it? Good! Go apply!